You know Toyota’s motto? Conquer every segment of the market with exceptional cars, offering the best quality, the best price and the best care.

Over the last few decades, the Japanese manufacturer managed to dominate the market and get pretty much every piece of that delicious pie. Toyota didn’t take the industry by storm, or by accident – it was a meticulous and geniously thought-through ascension to the top. And now, Toyota is ready to (once again) win over the full-size truck market.

The thing is, it’s been a loooong time since Tundra went through a complete redesign, and today, in 2015, it’s a bit rusty and old, to say the least. The F150, on the other hand, has been fully redesigned in 2015, and looks fresher than ever, with the latest technological features and safety equipment.

But, age is not always the definer, right? Join me in this Toyota Tundra vs F150 review and let’s see who will prevail – Toyota or Ford?

Toyota Tundra and Ford F150 have been the top-selling full-size trucks in America for the last couple of years. Along with Chevy’s Silverado, these two are the best there is. To figure out the winner, we’ll start comparing the brands in terms of Powertrain, Safety, Interior, Style, and Value. Let’s roll!

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Toyota Tundra VS F150 – The Price

Toyota Tundra VS Ford F150 photo

Toyota Tundra VS F150 photo

Let’s start with the price tags – that’s what we all look at first, right? This year, the F150 is a bit cheaper than the new Toyota Tundra. Right now, you can cash in just under 25K for the 2015 Ford F 150 vs Toyota Tundra standard-level price of 26K. If you decide to spend a little bit more bucks and move up to the higher trim levels, you’ll still get a better price for the F150 than for the Tundra.

On one hand, a thousand dollars is A LOT of money, but, on the other hand, you buy a truck only once in your lifetime (Ok, maybe twice), and that 1K isn’t really worth regretting your decision over. I’m not saying that the Tundra is a 100% better choice than the F150; I’m just trying to put it all into perspective for you guys.

Comparing The Design of F150 and Tundra

Toyota Tundra VS Ford F150: Comparing The Design

Toyota Tundra VS Ford F150: Comparing The Design

Alright, moving on. What you say we compare Ford F 150 and Toyota Tundra in terms of interior and overall design? Styling is another biggie when it comes to picking out the right truck. And I can’t really tell you which one of the two trucks is better in style – they both have a very American, grimy and aggressive look that just wins you over. So, no definite winner in this round of the Toyota Tundra vs F150 competition – it’s a matter of personal taste. And remember – this isn’t Toyota Tundra vs Toyota Sequoia – we’re comparing trucks today. If you’re not sure with your choice, I recommend trying out these beasts on the road – just schedule a test-drive at your local dealership and take both models for a spin. Trust me, that’ll give the answer to your question. If not, you’ll get a lot of food for thought.

Toyota Tundra VS Ford F150 – The Interior And Technology

Toyota Tundra VS Ford F150 - The Interior And Technology

Toyota Tundra VS Ford F150 - The Interior And Technology

As for the interior, both the F150 and the Tundra can easily fit in 2 to 5 passengers in the comfy seats – the exact number depends on the cab style. Both trucks are exceptionally fuel-efficient (we’ll get into that later), so they’re perfectly suited for taking the kids to school or to the wild nature for camping. By the way, these two are mighty monsters, and can tow your RV or boat without even breaking a sweat.

As for tech, the new Ford is, of course, significantly more advanced than the new Toyota, but the gap is not critical – especially if you’re a true truck fan and care only about power and grit (which both trucks have in excess). With either one you’ll get great sound systems, USB and Bluetooth ports, keyless entry, an air-conditioning system, a rearview camera, and very user-friendly dash boards with very practical knobs and buttons. On the higher trim levels the F150 outruns the Tundra significantly, but, again, tech savvy is not really imperative for a truck.

Powertrain – HP And MPG

Toyota Tundra VS F150 - Powertrain - HP And MPG photo

Toyota Tundra VS F150 - Powertrain - HP And MPG photo

Arguably the most important thing to look at when purchasing a truck is the powertrain. So, let’s compare the Toyota Tundra vs F150 in terms of that roar and might. The basic level of the 2015 F150 comes packed with a 3.7-lit V6 or a 3.5-lit EcoBoost V6. If that’s not enough, you can dig deeper into your pockets and cash in for the 5.0-lit V8 (385 horsepower) – the strongest engine for the F150.

The new Ford truck is available in both 2- and 4-wheel drive. As for MPG (miles per gallon), you’ll get roughly about 23 mpg on the highway and 17 mpg in the city. Toyota offers a choice between two engines: a 4.0-lit V6 (310HP), and a 5.7-lit V8 (381HP). Again, you can go with either 2WD or 4WD. The 2015 Toyota Tundra is good for 20 mpg hwy/16 mpg city. So, this round of the Toyota Tundra vs F150 rivalry is a no-brainer: Ford is the obvious winner.


Toyota Tundra VS Ford F150 picture

Toyota Tundra VS Ford F150 picture

So, there you have it! At the first glance, the 2015 Ford F150 is a better choice, as it’s stronger in powertrain, technology, and even cheaper than the 2015 Toyota Tundra. The Japanese truck, on the other hand, is a legend, and is the king in terms of reliability, safety and durability. If you’re a big fan of everything new, advanced and exciting, go with the F150. And if you’re a bit oldschool and choose the tried-and-true veteran over the young blood, then you should pick the Tundra. The choice, as always, is yours – make it wisely!

Ford has been spending a lot of significant bucks on the F150, while Toyota was incredibly “greedy” in terms on introducing new features, new technology and new materials. And even though today the Tundra is – as mentioned in the beginning – one of the best-selling trucks in the US, that kind of attitude won’t be very prosperous for the brand, to say the least.

Toyota Tundra VS Ford F150 picture

Toyota Tundra VS  Ford F150

Fortunately, the Japanese are not going to save up money on their legendary full-size truck forever: sources claim that the 2016-2017 editions are set to bring in a lot of fresh blood to the Tundra. Some even say that Toyota is about to introduce a completely new platform for the truck and add in all the latest techy features, thus making it once again one of the most up-to-date trucks on the market. Well, we’ll see. Got some thoughts you wanna share? Or some questions for me and the community? Write in the comments section below and start a conversation!

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