Toyota Hilux 2017 – New Model Of One Of The Most Popular Trucks

Toyota’s Hilux is one of the few trucks in the world that can boast to be among the most purchased and the most popular. This brand is not new to the automobile industry – is has been around for 9 years now, and it’s only the beginning. It is known, that with the 2016 edition Toyota is ready to bring the Hilux into the United States market – until this day, the truck was available only in certain countries. See also my post about the 2015 Hilux model.

The Mysterious Edition

Toyota Hilux 2017 photo

But today I wanna talk about the Toyota Hilux 2017. It hasn’t even been officially announced yet, but, we all know, that the Japanese have something big in stores for us. Early on, I can only tell you that a major redesign is upon us – whether with the 2016, or the 2017 model. If Toyota decides to go big with Hilux 2016, then we should all expect just a polishing job on the 2017 version.

Toyota Hilux 2016 Vs. 2017

But I think that the company is gonna divide all the new and exciting stuff between the two. The first will get the long-awaited arrival to the US market, and a little bit of remodeling, and the Toyota Hilux 2017 will go through a global redesign, that will affect the exterior, interior, powertrain, and, of course, safety. That seems like the perfect move for Toyota right now. Divide to conquer, you know? And they are definitely set to conquer the American market with the Hilux. So, needless to say, that Toyota’s gonna throw everything it has at us – in a good way, of course.

Toyota Hilux 2017 – Predictions And Speculations

Toyota Hilux 2017 photo

Alright, so, based on our discussion of Toyota’s plans, it seems that we’re gonna get a perfect truck with the release of the Toyota Hilux 2017. There’s no official statement about the launch date whatsoever, but, I think it’s gonna be sometime between mid and late 2016 – that would be the logical date. Now, there’s no info about the price either, but, let’s just continue speculating – it’s fun, no? Well, taking into consideration Toyota’s pricing policy with the previous editions, it’s safe to assume that the Toyota Hilux 2017 will cost about 25K, whereas the fully stuffed and enhanced version will be somewhere in the 40K area.

New Looks of 2017 Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux 2017 photos

Some experts believe, that the Japanese will take a more aggressive and powerful approach with the Toyota Hilux 2017 design. I agree on that – it’s time to make the brand a bit more edgy and terrific – a bit more American, if you will. The truck is expected to have four doors, and a really spacious cargo area for a happy transportation routine. The grille will evolve a bit, shaping into something more stylish. The interior is probably gonna take in up to 5 passengers, and the seats will be comfier than ever. Plus, expect a lot of technical features, including climate control and a cool audio system.

As for the powertrain, I don’t even wanna speculate on the subject. I just wanna wait and see, what Toyota has “cooked” for us – I’m sure it’s gonna be something really delicious.

See this video “2017 Toyota Fortuner Pick Up or Hilux?”:

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