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Hey there, folks! My name is John Dean, and I’m just a regular 35 years old guy from Vermont, United States. Never really thought that I’m gonna start a blog about cars, but, the thing is, cars are my passion, always have been, and over the years of my experience with them, I’ve got quite a lot of things I wanna share with you, and so, here I am.

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Ok, so, one of the things that me and my family have in common, is that we all like cars (yeah, i’m not the only one), and we really LOVE Toyota. Over the last 10 years I had the pleasure of owning 4 different Toyota brands, my three uncles also got Toyota’s, my cousins got Toyota’s, even my little brother has one. Guess what my son’s first car is gonna be, when he grows up? Yep, you guessed it. We got a sort of a little family club of Toyota fans here.

So, why Toyota? Why do we love it that much? Well, if you’re also a fan, than you know why. That cool logo they got, you know, that emblem – that’s the sign of quality. No matter where you are, no matter what Toyota model you drive – if you got that logo in front of you, you’re good. It means you’re safe, your family is safe. It means comfort, stability, security, and solidity. Now, I say all that, because I’m a family guy myself, and safety comes first for me. But, that said, I still love to push the pedal to the floor with the windows open, breath in the wind, and feel the blood rushing through my veins. So, we’re gonna talk a lot about that exciting stuff too.

I spend a lot of time of time reading, watching YouTube videos, learning about new tricks and secrets, and sharing them with my friends. Right now I’m looking to get myself a brand new vehicle, so, I try to keep up with the current events in the big and beautiful automobile industry, and have my eyes open for any news from the Toyota line up. I’m gonna be posting new information about future 2016-2017 models, current models, exciting cars, family cars specs, technical stuff – you name it – and, of course, my own opinion about all that for as long as you’ll have me as your guide in the automobile world. So, put your seatbelts on, and let’s roll!